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We thought you might have some unanswered questions about Coronavirus, so we have put together some interesting resources.

Check out our slides, quizzes and videos to learn more!


History of diseases

Learn about different diseases throughout history and how they affected people. 

Knowing about the history of diseases can help us deal with them better in the future.

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What is a virus?

Learn more about microorganisms to help you understand what a virus is. 

You can use this as a building block to learn more about Coronavirus. 

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Science in the kitchen




Learn how to knead dough

This short video will teach you how to knead dough. This means you can add lots of oxygen for the yeast to respire.


Test your knowledge with our interactive quizzes below.


Quiz 1

The history of diseases


Science in the kitchen



Watch our videos to see how Covid-19 has impacted peoples jobs and lives

Student Diary

Find out what our students have been up to at home and how they are dealing with the current situation

Changes to a job role

Find out how Emily’s job role has changed to help out with Coronavirus 

Changes in dentistry

Find out what dentists are doing differently because of Coronavirus