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Aberystwyth University

As part of the Trio Sci Cymru programme Aberystwyth University offers workshops through their “AberStem: Space Exploration” project. AberStem Space Exploration (ASSE) is a pupil focused STEM Enrichment project offering primarily hands-on physics activities. ASSE offers both in-school and campus-based activities with the objective of building science capital, increasing motivation and skills, STEM career awareness and increasing the uptake of GCSE triple science in our partner schools. 

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Aberystwyth’s activities:

The below are examples of our content, content may change or differ from that on offer at any one time. AberStem Space Exploration (ASSE) activities include: engaging, cross-disciplinary science workshops and online content to secondary school students across North Wales. Through nurturing practical skills and applying classroom science to the real world, we aim to increase science uptake and participation for a more informed, inspired and aspirational generation of scientists in Wales.

Below are examples of our content. Content may change or differ from that on offer at any one time.

Trio Sci Bangor activities include:


Explore the Solar System connects with the NC KS3 ‘The Sustainable Earth’ curriculum content. Participants build an appreciation of the scale of the Solar System and the range of environments within it. Participants make a model of the Solar System to scale. Different planet’s environments are visualised via a mobile planetarium.


Our Build a Mars Rover workshop connects with the NC KS3 ‘How things work’ curriculum content. Participants will connect electrical components to make a working model Rover. And develop an understanding of how different components and connections affect the Rover.


Using board and card games we encourage participants to research and better understand the huge range of opportunities a STEM career offers and to explore the roles that science plays in their lives.


Our map-making workshop explores maps of all kinds to understand land, sky and satellite-based mapping techniques. Using simple equipment (measures/rulers, cards, maps) alongside Google Earth and drone footage we explore concepts such as scale and precision, geopolitical issues and fluctuating borders. This workshop connects with the NC KS3 ‘How things work’ curriculum content. ASSE is led by Prof Andy Evans and Prof Jo Hamilton, Project Manager Meinir Thomas and a team of workshop delivery staff.